Board of Directors

Drug ARM Australasia has a board comprising non-executive directors and one executive director, Dr Dennis Young. Our Board operates in conjunction with our National Policy Council and other standing committees which assist the Board in discharging its responsibilities for:

  • the integrity of our financial reporting
  • compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, internal standards, policies and expectations of key stakeholders, including customers, employees and the Australian public
  • the effectiveness of our internal control and risk management framework, including its audit functions
  • the appointment of our senior Executive leaders
  • our objectives, purposes and standards and policies on key issues
  • an effective governance structure and an appropriate corporate culture

Combined, the Board, National Policy Council and other standing committees bring a wide range of business and commercial skills to Drug ARM Australasia, spanning numerous industries and sectors. 

 Board Members

Mr Harold Peacock

Mr Ken Walker

Dr Dennis Young AM


National Policy Council Members

Prof Jake Najman

Dr Joe Debattista

Dr Kevin Lambkin

David Watts

Pastor Don Bain

Huon Crellin