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We develop and deliver specialist non-accredited workshops and training programs informed by best practice. 

At Drug ARM, we pride ourselves on an interactive learning environment with quality trainers that are also managers, counsellors, community workers and specialists. This means we are able to align our delivery method with your needs and the outcomes you are seeking.

Our accredited facilitators and trainers have extensive experience in a variety of industry sectors including mental health, community services, alcohol and other drugs, education and business.

In addition to our existing packages, we can also work with you to develop a custom package in our areas of specialisation: mental health, alcohol and other drugs, workplace safety, quality practice, working with niche client groups and staff induction.

Our workshops cover a range of relevant areas for all organisations. We are experienced in training across a broad range of sectors including corporate, government and government agencies, non government, construction & mining, and human services. Our partnerships within industry allow us to develop exclusive training that is timely and relevant.

All of our workshops can be delivered in person or online. Contact us today to discuss options for your workplace.

Alcohol and Other Drugs

The unhealthy use of alcohol and other drugs is a major issue in Australia causing illness, injury, violence and death.

If you work with people who are affected by alcohol and other drugs, you can benefit from this course. In the course you will get a ‘big picture’ view on alcohol and other drugs, gain a basic understanding of substances used in Australia today, and learn how to raise the issue of alcohol and other drug use with others.

In this course we cover:

  • What is a drug and do they affect people
  • Why do people take drugs
  • The benefits of motivational interviewing
  • Making choices
  • Defining Substance Dependency and Misuse
  • Available services and options
  • Responding to Dual diagnosis
  • Overview of the ‘Stages of Change’ model
  • Overview of the emergence of new substances

Mental Health Explore

Mental health issues are very common, about 25% of people have a mental health diagnosis, so it is important to MHA works to be able to learn ways to help others in our community. We spend time and effort to learn first aid skills, but statistically you are more likely to encounter someone with a mental
illness than someone having a heart attack.

In this course we cover:

  • The potential risk factors and warning signs for a range of mental health problems
  • An understanding of the prevalence of various mental health disorders in Aust.
  • The myths and misconceptions
  • Steps you can take to assess the situation and implement appropriate interventions
  • How to de-escalate uncooperative behaviour
  • The importance of healthy boundaries
  • How to take care of your own self-care
  • Useful resources and support

Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis (also called co-occurring disorders, COD) is the condition of experiencing a mental illness and a comorbid substance use problem.  By understanding the nature and impact of dual diagnosis, we can assist in the best possible way.

In this course we cover:

  • New and emerging drugs
  • An overview of depressants, stimulants and hallucinogens
  • What is Substance Dependency
  • How drugs impact the central nervous system
  • Complexities and the affect on the brain
  • Current approaches to treatment
  • An understanding of the ‘Stages of Change’ model
  • The benefits of using motivational Interviewing
  • Understanding the process of relapse
  • Developing a Relapse Prevention Plan
  • What is trauma, what are the symptoms

Motivational Interviewing

This course is designed for counsellors and support workers looking for an introduction to the therapeutic technique of Motivational Interviewing.

This course covers the principles and processes of (M.I.). It also looks at the Wheel of Change, and how to incorporate M.I. into practice.

In this course we cover:

  • Principles of M.I
  • Processes of M.I
  • Understanding the Wheel of Change
  • Practice of M.I

Customised Packages

Through our customised training, we are able to tailor our content to your organisation’s people and culture, style and level of competency require. Speak to us today about your needs and how we can develop a bespoke package for you team.

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