News Christmas Appeal 2018

Christmas Appeal 2018

So much of our Christmas joy comes from giving. The smiles on our family and friends faces when we share our love with them brightens our hearts.

But for a family devastated by alcohol and drugs, Christmas never comes.
When a person has a serious alcohol or drug problem it affects the whole family, especially parents and young children. Joy is replaced by fear and pain. Laughter is drowned out by tears. Families are walking on eggshells instead of experiencing the joy of the season.
That’s how it is for Julie right now. She knows what Christmas and the New Year will be if her son is not able to keep accessing Drug ARM’s services.
That’s why your gift is so important! Without your support , Julie will spend her holidays terrified that her son won’t make it to the New Year.
Will you help keep Julie’s son in our program this Christmas? By making a generous gift, you will give him everything he needs to build a better life. Any amount you give will help Julie and her son in the fight of their lives.
Our expert teams will give Julie and her family the best fighting chance to not only beat this, but to live a happy and healthy life. But we can’t do it without you.
With your help you will make Julie’s greatest wish come true. Will you help her family right now?
We have a $28,600 target that we need to meet by midnight on the 31st of December. The consequences of not closing this shortfall would be significant for families like Julie’s who just want their children to be safe and healthy.
Thank you for your compassion and for bringing joy, laughter and most of all hope to families who are living in despair.

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