News PD Blog: October 2023

PD Blog: October 2023

Research articles

Black, E., Bruno, R., Mammen, K., Mills, L., Siefried, K. J., Deacon, R. M., … & Lintzeris, N. (2023). Substance use, socio‐demographic characteristics, and self‐rated health of people seeking alcohol and other drug treatment in New South Wales: baseline findings from a cohort study. Medical Journal of Australia.

Leung, J., Mekonen, T., Wang, X., Arunogiri, S., Degenhardt, L., & McKetin, R. (2023). Methamphetamine exposure and depression—A systematic review and meta‐analysis. Drug and Alcohol Review.

Cordony, I., Mills, L., Mammen, K., & Lintzeris, N. (2023). A systematic review on the effect of routine outcome monitoring and feedback on client outcomes in alcohol and other drug treatment. Drug and Alcohol Review.

Freichel, R., Pfirrmann, J., Cousjin, J., de Jong, P., Franken, I., Banaschewski, T., … & IMAGEN Consortium. (2023). Drinking Motives, Personality Traits, Life Stressors‐Identifying Pathways to Harmful Alcohol Use in Adolescence Using a Panel Network Approach. Addiction.

Farnbach, S., Henderson, A., Allan, J., Wallace, R., Shakeshaft, A. (2023). A cluster-randomised stepped-wedge impact evaluation of a pragmatic implementation process for improving the cultural responsiveness of non-Aboriginal alcohol and other drug treatment services: a pilot study. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 20(5).


Behavioural addiction: Opening Pandora's loot box and navigating the mass debate

Insight Qld, November 1, 10:00-11:00

Research on gambling has led to an understanding that non-substance-related addictions exist, however it is less clear how we define these. This talk discusses considerations that are important to strike the balance between acknowledging behavioural addiction and avoiding pathologisation of normal behaviours with candidates such as pornography-use disorder, buying-shopping disorder and others.


Associate Professor Matthew Gullo is a clinical psychologist in the School of Applied Psychology and the Centre for Mental Health, Griffith University.

Exploring how clinicians work with trauma in AOD settings

Insight Qld, November 8, 10:00-11:00

There is a well-established relationship between the experience of adverse or traumatic events, and substance use disorders. This presentation will reflect on conducting trauma-related research in an AOD service, what we learnt in doing so, and will draw on the existing literature to provide tips on improving treatment approaches. 

Logan is a clinical psychologist who works primarily in the area of comorbid trauma and substance use. He is an Accredited Consultant and Trainer in EMDR Therapy and provides supervision and training to clinicians across Australia.  

Cannabis and Opioid Treatment Program (OTP)

The National Centre for Clinical Research on Emerging Drugs, November 20, 11:00-12:00

NCCRED welcomes you to attend November’s DARIA Seminar – Monday 20th November 12:00pm via Zoom This month’s topic: Cannabis and Opioid Treatment Program (OTP) This month’s speakers: Dr Laila Paravesh and Dr Jack Wilson

Researching lived experience, values and drug policy

National Drug Research Institute, 11 November, 13;00-14:00

Presenter: Dr Rebecca Askew, Reader in Criminology, Manchester Metropolitan University


Rebecca joined the Drug Policy Modelling Program (DPMP; UNSW, Sydney) in May 2022 for an 18-month Leverhulme International Fellowship to research values connected to drug policy, using data from the UK Drug Policy Voices project. Drug Policy Voices was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (2018-2020) with the aim of engaging people who use drugs into debates about drug policy using a mixed methods approach. This included an online survey to assess values and attitudes, and a multimethod qualitative research design including interviews, workshops, and creative methods. This research design sought to encourage participation and representation by using a participant-led approach and facilitating engagement through targeted community networks and the Drug Policy Voices podcast.

This seminar details Rebecca’s Fellowship journey which includes the challenges of synthesising multimethod qualitative data, a critical reflection on the meaning of ‘lived experience’ in alcohol and other drug (AOD) research, how researching values has advanced knowledge about the attitudinal tension and complexity within drug policy debates, and the key policy messages emerging from these findings. Throughout, Rebecca reflects on how this core learning has been facilitated whilst working at DPMP and networking within the Australian AOD field.

Addicted to the sunshine: the role of sensory inputs and occupations in substance use and treatment

Insight Qld, November 22, 10:00-11:00

Sensory inputs and occupations are integral to substance use, as well as the coping skills and meaningful lifestyle choices that can support wellbeing. Despite this, these areas are often overlooked in alcohol and other drug treatment. This presentation will explore the science in this area and considerations for evidence-informed care that takes into account the sensory and occupational needs of this population.

Michelle Taylor is an occupational therapist. The focus of her clinical work has been the drug and alcohol and mental health sectors. She has strong interests in sensory approaches, occupational approaches and creative writing. She currently works at Insight as an Advanced Clinical Educator.

Using Social and Emotional Wellbeing Tools with First Nations Peoples

Black Dog Institute, 23 November 1pm or 8 pm

This free webinar aims to provide information on how to search for, and use, WellMob resources.

The WellMob website is a digital library with links to over 350 online resources to support the social and emotional wellbeing (SEWB) of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The webinar will include an example of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander client presenting with depression. It will also explain how the SEWB framework is relevant to clinical and community practice.

Time: Two webinars will be held on the day – 1:00pm and 8:00pm (AEDT)

Cost: Free. Viewers are required to log in or sign up here to register.

AOD lived and living experience workers FAQs

Insight Qld, November 29, 10:00-11:00

A series of commonly encountered questions around the development of the AOD lived/living experience workforce and responses from two LLE Educators working at Insight. 

With a social science background and 20 years of providing training and harm reduction services, Brett brings a living experience of AOD use to his current role as an educator with Insight. 

Mat brings a broad variety of experience from his time working as an Advanced Peer Worker across the Acute Mental Health Inpatient Wards of Logan and PA Hospitals. As an Educator, Mat strives to reduce the stigma people who use drugs experience when accessing services. 

Insight Qld Workshops

Free for Queensland based workers. Held at Biala Community Health Centre Brisbane from 9:00-16:30.

7 November – AOD Crash Course

21 November – AOD Harm Reduction

23 November – Trauma Informed Care for AOD Practice

27-28 November – Motivational Interviewing for AOD Practice

30 November – Young People & Drugs

Knowledge Exchange Products

The Australia Indigenous HealthInfoNet AOD Knowledge Centre has complied the Knowledge Exchange products with the aim to make research and other information available in a form that has immediate, practical utility for health professionals and policy-makers in the area of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. They provide a variety of scholarly reviews that provide extensive information about health conditions, as well as plain language materials that make the information accessible and easy to understand.

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