News Professional development blog: April

Professional development blog: April


Welcome to the March edition of the PD blog, containing professional development opportunities for workers in the AOD and mental health sector. We aim to include as many free and online resources as possible to ensure it is fully inclusive. Please contact the librarian if you have any questions, comments or wish to subscribe to the blog.

Please note that all times stated are Queensland times

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From the library collection

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Open access

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new resources

NADA Advocate,

Strengths based

  • Let’s talk about strengths
  • Resilient, connected, Aboriginal
  • Don’t mention the war


Wednesdays 10-11 am (AEST)

Webinar: Vaping & e-cigarettes

The presentation includes an overview of the range of devices currently available – both liquid vaporisers as well as drug herb vaporisers used to vaporise cannabis. The presentation also includes an overview of the research into the potential health risks or benefits, the legal status of vapes and related products in Queensland, and some tips for responding to young people who might be vaping.

E-book of the month

Social Work Practice with the LGBTQ Community book cover

Social Work Practice with the LGBTQ Community aims to weave together the realms of sociopolitical, historical, and policy contexts in order to assist readers with understanding the base for effective and affirming health and mental health practice with diverse members of the LGBTQ community. Comprised of chapters written by social work academics and their allies — whose combined knowledge in the field spans decades of direct experience in human behavior, practice, policy, and research — this book features applicable and useful content for social work students and practitioners across the allied health and mental health professions, as well as across disciplines. The expansive practice text examines international concerns and content associated with the LGBTQ movement and ongoing needs related to health, mental health, policy and advocacy, among other areas of concern. Specific highlights of the chapters include narrative that blends conceptual, theoretical, and empirical content; examination of current trends in the field related to practice considerations and intersectionality; and snapshots of concerns related to international progress and ongoing challenges related to equality and policy. Additionally, as a classroom support for instructors, each chapter has a corresponding power point presentation which includes a resource list pertaining to that chapter’s focus with websites, film, and video links as well as national and international organizations associated with the LGBTQ community. Overall, Social Work Practice with the LGBTQ Community is an invaluable resource for graduate students within social work programs and related disciplines, academics, and health/mental health practitioners currently in the field. (Abstract from publisher)

Insight Queensland

Bookings are essential and are available to Queensland workers only. All  online workshops are delivered via Zoom.

More details

NADA Conference 2021

Enhancing connections

Virtual $144-496

In person (register before 5 April) $180-620

22-23 April, Sydney

The how and why of motivational interviewing

360 edge logo

29 April 2021

9am – 4:30pm

This one day workshop will cover the key elements in motivational interviewing essential for AOD workers. Participants will improve their motivational interviewing skills – “the how” – and gain a deeper understanding of the spirit and philosophy of motivational interviewing – “the why”

An online interactive workshop

Cost $295-355

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