About Us

About Us

Drug ARM provides compassion and specialist care throughout Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia through a range of programs and services that include education, outreach, prevention and treatment.

Achieving Positive Transformations

Drug ARM is a specialist not-for-profit, non-government organisation that supports people, families and communities to achieve positive transformation through awareness, rehabilitation and management.

Flourishing People and Communities.

We aspire to bring about positive social change and build flourishing communities. Where people and families can thrive, not just survive. Our purpose is to reduce the mental, physical and social harms related to alcohol and other drug use, and to achieve positive transformation for individuals, families and communities.

Building better lives for over 170 years.

We can trace our roots back as far as 1849, when the temperance movement was just beginning in Australia. Since the establishment of Drug ARM in 1980, we’ve maintained our position as a leader in the specialist alcohol and other drug sector.

Drug awareness and relief foundation (australia)

The Drug Awareness and Relief Foundation (Australia) is the parent organisation of Drug ARM. Our Foundation is a benevolent institution that generates funds for Drug ARM programs and services.

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