How We Help

How we help

Through awareness, rehabilitation and management we help people, families and communities impacted by alcohol and other drugs to achieve positive transformations.

people and communities

Our team of caring and experienced specialists help build resilience by addressing all of the factors that contribute to and maintain alcohol and other drug issues. This includes support for mental health, family relationships, parenting, school engagement, access to reliable information, community involvement and social inclusion.

Helping youth become strong and resilient

We provide a broad range of services focused on building more capable and resilient children and young people. Our team assist families and communities, addressing multiple and/or complex needs to help them safely care for and protect their children.

assisiting adults to improve their lives

Evidence-based programs and services focused on improving physical, mental and social health. Our teams are flexible and offer both individual and group support in-home, in-office, in public and community spaces as well as telephone and online services.


Compassionate services focused on supporting the loved ones of those who struggle with alcohol and other drugs. We provide guidance for families where anyone who is or at risk of being affected by alcohol and drugs has someone there for them.

We're Here to help

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