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If you are looking for a fun way to unite your employees around a common cause, consider corporate volunteering with Drug ARM! Participate in one of our workplace volunteering experiences and you can help us positively transform lives while supporting the wellbeing and engagement of your team.

If you would like to organise volunteering for your workplace, get in touch!

Team building with purpose

Are you searching for a team building activity that is fun and impactful? Do you want your team to learn to let go of judgment and embrace differences in others? Would you like to increase your team’s wellness through self-care strategies and mindfulness?

If you have answered YES, a Drug ARM Mindful Motivators Team Building program could be right for you!

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Join the Mindful Motivators Movement!

We’ve teamed up with the fantastic Team Building with Purpose to create a unique volunteering experience called Mindful Motivators. The experience blends team building and corporate volunteering – with social impact at the heart.

Supporting Drug ARM, your team will explore mental health and wellbeing – a key factor that influences the harmful use of alcohol and other drugs. By the end of the program, your team will have a better understanding of their wellbeing in the workplace, know how to spot the symptoms of burnout, and manage their own wellbeing through self-care and mindfulness.

Delivered in person and hybrid over 3 hours, or online over 2 hours – teams of all shapes and sizes can get involved. We are urging businesses far and wide to step up and be part of the solution.

Change is on the horizon, and you can lead the charge!

What’s involved?

Learn how to practice self-care
Self-reflect on personal wellbeing by drawing parallels from the work of Drug ARM.
Become Mindful Motivators in your own workplace
Work in small groups and brainstorm different ways you can bring the Mindful Motivator ethos to your own teams.
Make your commitment to stand against stigma
At the end of the session, bring your team together to sign a commitment to stand against stigma. Share on your social media to spread awareness!

Social Impact and Contribution

By joining Mindful Motivators, you’ll foster increased awareness and understanding of mental health, alcohol, and other drug-related issues which can reduce barriers to help seeking. Not just that—50% of the net profit from each event directly supports Drug ARM programs, aiding our teams to deliver care and compassion in the community.

Ready to become a Mindful Motivator?

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Give Back Hustle

Have you got an upcoming workshop? End of year party? Want to come together and forge stronger connections in your team? Looking to bring big energy to your next event?

If you have answered YES, a Drug ARM Give Back Hustle program could be right for you!

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Get Excited, Give Back!

We’ve teamed up with the creative team at Banana Life to create a unique volunteering experience called the Give Back Hustle. The experience blends team building and corporate volunteering – with an opportunity to gain deeper understanding of social issues in their community.

Supporting Drug ARM, your team will take part in a creative urban adventure game. Over two hours, your team will build trust, have fun and form a real connection. Planted clues, creative interpretive missions, trivia, conspiring pedestrians and unlikely characters are all woven magically together to bring you a team- building experience like no other. Each game is built especially for your team and can incorporate a mix of Drug ARM’s cause and your own company values.

What’s involved?

Social Cause Connection

The game begins with an introduction, covering the social impact of the activity.

Adventure Game

Take part in special missions that even feature paid actors across the game zone making it feel like anyone could be ‘in’ on the action!  Missions also include random acts of kindness connected to our cause.

Prize Presentation

At the end of the session, bring everyone together for voting and prize presentations.

Social Impact and Contribution

By incorporating a Give Back Hustle in your next team event, you’ll be creating an opportunity for learning and development that runs parallel with social responsibility. Not just that— a percentage of each event participant fee directly supports Drug ARM programs, supporting our Street Outreach programs.

Ready to Give Back Hustle?

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Our Fundraising and Business Development Manager Cally is on hand to discuss volunteering experiences or other Drug ARM initiatives.

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