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The stories and testimonials on this page reflect the courage and hope of people who have been affected by alcohol and other drugs, and the people who support them. Keep reading for inspirational stories from everyday Australians.

Nathan's Story

“It started when my mate passed away. I got heavy into drugs, which meant I ended up on the streets. I ended up losing my home, my family, and my friends. I felt alone, lost and without hope. I had nowhere to go and no one to turn to. It got so bad that I even considered suicide. When I got in touch with Drug ARM, they helped – they helped me so much. With their help and support, I am now 3 years sober. To have someone there constantly to talk to no matter the issue, it was just so important, and made all the difference.”

Andrea's Story Content warning: This story discusses suicidal feelings

“Drug ARM educated my mum that her purpose was not to fix everything, because that is just not possible. Instead they provided her with the resources that would help us cope. She encouraged, no nagged, me to go to Drug ARM as well, being the loving soul that she is. I was reluctant to walk in there, I’d tried so many things and didn’t want to go somewhere clinical again. But, they made me feel so welcome, as though I was walking into someone’s home. I’m so glad I chose to go, because I can truly say that I’m happy now. I caught myself singing along to the music in a supermarket the other day and was just so amazed when I realised I was happy. Those moments when you accept that you’re feeling a way you haven’t felt in so long – they are incredible.”

Julie-Anne's Story

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