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Making a real difference

By donating to Drug ARM you are making a real difference in someone’s life. With your help Drug ARM is able to continue to deliver street outreach and clinical programs transforming lives through awareness, rehabilitation and management.

For people like Andrea*, experiencing trauma or other issues in childhood, the workplace or other situations can lead to mental illness and substance dependency. Feeling hopelessness and isolation with a huge reluctance to ask for help can leave people struggling to access the support that they need to improve their lives.

From our organisation’s earliest beginnings in 1849, Drug ARM has been dedicated to reaching out and improving the lives of people like Andrea who are affected by mental health, alcohol, and other drug issues within our communities. In the past 40 years Drug ARM has been focused on providing specialist, holistic care to help people change their lives for the better.

The impact of mental illness and alcohol and other drug use is felt far beyond the symptoms themselves – it has impact in the home, school, workplace and the community.

Last year we supported more than 6,000 people in need and their families with a personalised, evidence informed program to bring about positive and lasting change. 80% of our clients who finished a treatment episode with us reported that they were able to reduce the use of their primary drug of concern and improve their wellbeing.

Our programs are effective in transforming lives, but for every person we reach, there are thousands more who need our help.

With your help, more people like Andrea can get the tools, skills and support they need to flourish. Together, we can build a flourishing community where people and families live free from the mental, physical and social harms related to alcohol and other drug use.

andrea's story

Andrea* was a police officer with a great career spanning two decades and a loving family. When she spoke, people would listen and treat her with respect.

But for years, she dealt with the things she experienced on the job by drinking alcohol as a coping mechanism. As she later realised, she was drinking to cope with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) triggered by a particularly horrendous crime scene she was investigating.

Her mum tried to support her, but she hadn’t been taught the skills and wasn’t equipped to deal with what Andrea was going through. Whether it was the emotional breakdowns, or the suicide attempts, she didn’t know what she could do. That’s when Andrea’s mum decided to seek help from Drug ARM – for herself and her daughter. Her decision was the catalyst for change in their lives.

Drug ARM was able to help Andrea’s mum and provide her with the resources that helped them cope. Andrea’s mum then encouraged her to seek help but she was reluctant. She had tried so many things and didn’t want to go somewhere clinical again. But when she came through Drug ARM’s doors, she felt like she was walking into a welcoming home.

Andrea is truly glad she made the decision to come to Drug ARM, because she can say she is happy now. As a result of engaging with our services, Andrea began to flourish again and was amazed when she caught herself singing along to music in the supermarket. She was so surprised to realise that she was happy. When she was able to accept that she was feeling a way that she hadn’t felt in so long – it felt incredible.

“I’m so thankful for Drug ARM, and for all the people who helped me on my journey. I think you should know the difference you are making. I look forward to helping people like me get the help they need.” – Andrea

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