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The diversity of a career at Drug ARM offers a strong foundation of skills and experience, which are transferable across the community services, mental health and aged care sectors.

At Drug ARM, we are committed to investing in our people’s futures and their continued career development. No matter what stage your career is at, we will support you to take the next step.

We provide many opportunities for staff to progress to specialist positions within our organisation.

Working at Drug ARM also sets you up well for any future goals, such as establishing your own private practice. At Drug ARM, we offer:

There is no greater career path then choosing the path of service.

Ready to take the next step? View our Current Vacancies or learn more about Student Placement.

Why work in the alcohol and other drug sector?

As a society we’ve made great leaps towards acceptance of mental health and wellbeing.

But even though substance use disorders are the third most common mental health concern in Australia, the people experiencing these challenges are still shamed and stigmatised in our society. This is a true tragedy as on average it takes 27 years before people recover from alcohol problems, and less than 10 percent of people who experience alcohol and other drug issues ever seek professional treatment.

If you want to go where you are needed and can make a real change, consider a role in the alcohol and other drug sector.

Unsure about whether the alcohol and other drug sector is right for you?

If the alcohol and other drug sector wasn’t your initial plan, you aren’t alone.

Time and time again we hear, “I never thought I would be in the alcohol and other drug sector.”

But once someone has started working with the wonderful people who reach out to Drug ARM for support, they find it hard to imagine doing any other job.

If you are an accepting, open-minded and non-judgemental person, you may find an alcohol and other drug clinical role with Drug ARM to be incredibly rewarding.

Your journey at Drug ARM

Drug ARM offers a variety of roles for new graduates as well as experienced professionals. Roles include:

There are always opportunities to work in rural and remote communities. Consider applying for a regional or remote role to build your capability and learn how to engage in a different kind of community-based experience!

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