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Alcohol and other Drug Information and Support

Drug ARM delivers education and support to individuals who are referred by the police or courts for substance related offences. Our specialist facilitators provide non-judgemental support, and help people to access ongoing services.

Governments across Australia deliver various programs and diversionary initiatives that aim to address the underlying causes of offending behaviour by linking defendants with vital health, cultural and social services.  If you’ve been arrested or questioned on a drug related offence, you may be eligible for a Drug Diversion program.

Drug ARM does not offer legal advice and encourage you to seek support from a legal agency if you:

A drug diversion appointment is conducted by an experienced Drug ARM facilitator, and includes  an  assessment, education and counselling session. This takes about two hours. Program appointments are normally available business hours, Monday to Friday.

During the assessment you’ll be asked how much and how often you use illicit drugs and about the situations where you use them. You’ll also be asked if you have any problems that influence your drug use. The education session is about the health effects and legal consequences of illicit drug use. You will then work together with the facilitator to develop a personal plan.

We can provide referrals to other Drug ARM programs or local services that can assist you with your personal plan. Whether you attend the suggested programs or services is your decision and not part of the police or court requirement.

You are welcome to take a family member or friend with you to the appointment. If you choose to do this, it should be someone you believe will support you to make positive changes.

If you’re unable to attend your Police Court Diversion, contact the police officer or police station which referred you.

You may need to provide documents, such as a medical certificate or a letter from an employer, to show why you can’t attend (for reasons out of your control).Our programs are designed to support people at various stages of their journey, and will goals that range from less harmful use to complete abstinence.

However, we do ask that you do not attend groups under the influence of substances. Our priority is to ensure a safe and supportive environment for all our clients and counsellors.

Your drug diversion form will confirm whether you have been directed to physically attend an address for your appointment or whether your appointment is going to be conducted over the phone.

If your drug diversion form states that you agreed to participate in an ‘in-person’ appointment, you must attend the address written on the form. You are responsible for making all arrangements necessary to attend and complete the scheduled appointment as agreed. This includes organising reliable transport and time away from work if required.

If your drug diversion form states that you agreed to participate by telephone, you must telephone Drug ARM at the time, on the date and using the telephone number detailed on the form. You are responsible for making all arrangements to complete the scheduled telephone appointment. This means making sure you are in a quiet place, with a well-charged phone, clear reception and free from disruptions including driving.

Yes. A police officer must offer all eligible children previously cautioned for a minor drugs offence the opportunity to participate in and complete a drug diversion assessment program. An offer to participate in and complete a drug diversion assessment program may also be made to an eligible child who has not previously been cautioned.

All information given by you to Drug ARM is strictly confidential. Police will only be advised about whether or not you participated in and completed your program appointment.

To get a replacement copy of your Police Drug Diversion form you will need to contact or visit your local Police Station and request a copy

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