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Knowing what to do and say

February 20, 2024

When someone you love has a problem with alcohol or other drugs, it can be tough. Knowing what to do and say, how to set boundaries and manage self-care are challenges which don’ need to be faced alone. Hear from two Drug ARM clients about their experiences supporting loved ones.

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A slow downward spiral

February 19, 2024

The cost-of-living crisis and other life stresses are hitting Queensland families hard, and unfortunately, alcohol continues to be a way for many parents to cope. Yet this only leads to more issues. We only have to look at the experience of one of our rural-based clients to see how this downward spiral can happen.

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Painkiller, what to watch

January 15, 2024

When our former client couldn’t renew his script for pain relief, he started to stress. At that point, he realised he had a dependency problem. Pharmaceutical dependency is a serious problem that many confront. A series streaming on Netflix called Painkiller shows just how serious it can be.

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What Women Want is Relief

December 18, 2023

Alcohol consumption tends to be high at this time of year, as we socialise more, have more stress around finances and family, and are eager to wind down from our busy year. However, drinking may become a problem for some as alcohol is seen as a way to get relief from ongoing life stress.

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Living Under a Tarp, in Her 60s

November 15, 2023

A continuing housing crisis has been hard on many. But for Alice, aged in her 60s, and her dependent son, Adam, it was a challenge they never expected to experience, as they were forced to sleep rough for many months in a north Brisbane park, struggling through a chilly winter.

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Heroin Use at Age 13

September 6, 2023

Some people start off on the wrong foot. They make a mistake early in life when they’re very young and don’t know any better. Such mistakes can derail a life and haunt them for years.

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