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Christian Principles

Drug ARM is an organisation founded and based on our Christian Principles.


The Dignity of People

There is a clear recognition in Scripture that each person is of unique value, created in the image of God and is loved by God. Drug ARM staff and volunteers have a particular responsibility to respect all people and enable them to live their lives to the fullest, as God desires for all people. Drug ARM staff and volunteers are called to serve, with compassion for all people who seek care and support, recognising their value and dignity.


Justice and Integrity in Service

Drug ARM aims to bring about a positive change for the individual and society. The staff and volunteers are called to act with integrity, love and respect towards all people who will be treated with care and consideration without regard to their social, ethnic, racial, cultural or religious backgrounds.


Service in Humility and Love

Drug ARM staff and volunteers are empowered by God’s love to provide service delivered in genuine humility and marked by love. The abuse of power and privilege has no place in the exercise of a Christ-like ministry. Drug ARM staff and volunteers must be sensitive to their relationships with those with whom they come in contact. In demonstrating the love of God they avoid causing harm and they actively seek to improve the quality of life of others.


Shared Responsibility

Drug ARM staff and volunteers are called to share in this outreach of Christ. Within this responsibility they must be aware of the need to maintain and promote Biblical standards in the conduct of their work and to adhere to the responsibilities laid down in Drug ARM policies, procedures and other manuals . In reliance upon the grace of God, staff and volunteers will work together to provide a high standard of service delivery to those they serve in the community.

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