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At Drug ARM we take a holistic approach to addressing alcohol and other drug issues. Our specialists deliver services informed by current best practice and operate within the bio-psycho-social, harm minimisation and recovery frameworks. Each service is tailored to meet the needs of each individual, family or community to bring about positive change.


Achieving and Maintaining Change

Our Senior Program Officer Liam discusses motivations for change and the Stages of Change model.

Delivery frameworks

Continuum of care



continuum of care

Drug ARM offers a continuum of care through a stepped care model. Our provision of service allows for an integrated care plan, partnering with local health, community and social networks to ensure clients can access the support they need.


harm minimisation

Drug ARM undertakes a harm minimisation approach. Harm minimisation acknowledges that the reasons that people use alcohol and other drugs are complex and aims to maximise the intervention options to prevent and reduce the harms of drug use. Our first priority is to reduce the harms associated with alcohol and other drug use, and our immediate focus is on proactively engaging individuals and communities to address their most pressing needs and achievable goals.


bio-psycho-social (BPS) approach

BPS is an approach to service delivery which recognises the complex interactions between various biological, psychological and social factors. It explores how these factors contribute to the development of alcohol and other drug issues and affects those with mental health issues.  The BPS approach promotes the importance of addressing these factors via prevention and treatment programs at both a community and individual level.

The BPS approach is also consistent with a holistic concept of health, with the emphasis on treating the whole person, not just the substance use or mental health issues. We look past the physical health of a client, while still working to improve it, extending into social and emotional wellbeing. Our team uses a holistic perspective as the overarching framework under which the BPS approach is delivered.


Recovery Orientation

A Recovery Orientation centres around a client-centred, strengths based approach to prevention and intervention regarding alcohol and other drug or mental health issues. This approach is central to the organisation’s service delivery model and is philosophically aligned with our values. We value the Recovery Orientation framework and implement it within the boundaries of our programs. At its core a Recovery Orientation is the hope-filled belief that recovery is possible for people with a mental illness or alcohol or other drug issues. A fundamental underpinning principle is that change is probable and does happen, therefore recovery is an ongoing process. Regaining a sense of self apart from the illness is a significant component of the recovery orientation.


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