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Family Support

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Are you concerned about a family member or significant other’s alcohol or other drug use? We offer free, confidential and non-judgemental support from experienced family alcohol and other drug specialists.

We offer information, referral and support programs for family members, significant others and loved ones of people who are experiencing alcohol or other drug issues.

Our team provide non-judgemental and confidential support to individuals, families and communities.

We help family members and significant others to understand alcohol and other drug use, and what they can do to help their loved one. We can also provide strategies to make changes to their own circumstances, implement healthy boundaries and build resilience.

Our experienced team can help families and significant others navigate the health system, and connect them to specialist workers and other health services. We also provide regular community information sessions for families on alcohol and other drugs.

If you are interested in learning more, contact us and discuss whether a Drug ARM program is right for you.


When you contact us, we will help to match you with a program that fits your lifestyle, preferences and objectives. Different programs have different approaches and delivery methods, so it’s important for us to engage you with the program that will fit your needs and can achieve the best results for you. You can call us or come to one of our local information sessions to learn more

Our organisation ensures that every practitioner we engage is a family specialist in alcohol and other drug use.

We offer support to families and to individuals, however we do not currently offer family therapy.

Drug ARM might be right for you if you are looking to understand alcohol and other drug use and what you can do to help yourself, your family or your loved one.

Our team are able to help you with changing your circumstances, implementing healthy boundaries and building resilience.



Our family support programs are free.

We offer face to face support in office, in your home, in a safe space or via telephone.

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