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Positive Transformations

The stories and testimonials on this page reflect the courage, hope and experiences of those who have had a Drug ARM experience. While each person who has an experience with Drug ARM has a unique story, there are similarities between those who have been affected by alcohol and other drugs. Read what they have to say.

Nathan's Story

It started when my mate passed away. I got heavy into drugs, which meant I ended up on the streets. I ended up losing my home, my family, and my friends. I felt alone, lost and without hope. I had nowhere to go and no one to turn to. It got so bad that I even considered suicide. When I got in touch with Drug ARM, they helped – they helped me so much. With their help and support, I am now 3 years sober. To have someone there constantly to talk to no matter the issue, it was just so important, and made all the difference.

Andrea's Story

Drug ARM educated my mum that her purpose was not to fix everything, because that is just not possible. Instead they provided her with the resources that would help us cope. She encouraged, no nagged, me to go to Drug ARM as well, being the loving soul that she is. I was reluctant to walk in there, I’d tried so many things and didn’t want to go somewhere clinical again. But, they made me feel so welcome, as though I was walking into someone’s home. I’m so glad I chose to go, because I can truly say that I’m happy now. I caught myself singing along to the music in a supermarket the other day and was just so amazed when I realised I was happy. Those moments when you accept that you’re feeling a way you haven’t felt in so long – they are incredible.

My counsellor understands me

I’m an alcoholic. Since I came to Drug ARM I’ve been able to have days off and when I do drink, I don’t drink as much any more. My counsellors have helped motivate me to stay sober. I now look forward to talking to my counsellors. My counsellor helped me see that I have a future to look forward to. She helped me to learn to let go of my past and make positive choices. She taught me I don’t have to drink to numb my pain. I still struggle with alcohol and with my past, but I’m learning new skills to help me cope. I finally feel that somebody understands me.

You don't know till you try

I highly recommend for anyone using any kind of drugs to come in and give counselling a try. You don’t know till you try. It’s not a waste of time. I enjoy coming to Drug ARM. I enjoy the feedback that I get. It’s really helped me in a big way to cut down on the amount I was using when I started. I felt heard by my support workers, I feel they care. I’ve come so far already, I think this is really going to help me.

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