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Membership of the library is open to anyone. The only requirement is  to accept the membership conditions.

Public Members are offered the following services:

  • Loans of materials such as books, DVDs and journals
  • Access to information services such as content updates and current awareness services
  • Library consultation services
  • Partial access to online materials
  • Assistance with accessing and searching the internet

Library membership is not required to access the library computers or to use the library facilities.


becoming a member

Steps to becoming a member:

Drug ARM staff become Subscription Members at induction. Volunteers are not routinely made members of the resource centre, though it is encouraged. Currently we do not offer full Subscription Membership to the public, however keep an eye out for upcoming developments.

Library borrowing guidelines

By borrowing library resources, a borrower is taken to have accepted and agreed to the borrowing guidelines stated on the Membership Form.


loan periods
subscription members
Public members
Number of loans
10 items 3 items N/A
Loan period
28 days 28 days N/A
2 renewals 2 renewals N/A
Yes Yes N/A
Online materials
Full access Partial access Limited access
Article requesting
Yes Yes N/A

Please note that renewals are only available if the resource has not been reserved by another member and article requesting is subject to copyright and licensing restrictions.

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