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Drug ARM advocates for policies that can achieve a reduction in harms from alcohol and other drugs and improve health outcomes in Australia. We recognise that there is no single solution for addressing the harms of alcohol and other drugs, and have developed a suite of policy statements informed by evidence.

Fundamentally, we advocate for:

  • Drug use to be treated as a health issue and not solely a criminal justice issue
  • A lifestyle free of unnecessary drugs
  • Acknowledgement of abstinence as part of the harm continuum
  • Harm minimisation strategies and policies
  • Polices and interventions informed by sound evidence
  • Alcohol and tobacco to be recognised as the drugs responsible for the greatest level of harm in Australia

Below is a brief outline of Drug ARM’s policy priorities, for further information or comment contact us.

Drug ARM supports:

  • Volumetric taxation
  • Advertising controls
  • Ban on industry driven political donations
  • Licensing controls including opening hour restrictions, reduced outlet density and promotion bans

Drug ARM supports

  • Diversion options
  • Further research into decriminalisation

Drug ARM does not support

  • Legalisation
  • Decriminalisation


Drug ARM supports

  • An appropriate regulatory and legislative framework for electronic cigarette (nicotine and
    non-nicotine) use, sales, promotion and regulation

Drug ARM does not support

  • The claim that e-cigarettes are a safe and approved nicotine replacement therapy

Drug ARM E-Cigarettes and Vaping Policy Position

Drug ARM supports

  • Oral administration of medical cannabis
  • Evaluation and review of medical cannabis
  • Ongoing clinical trials

Drug ARM does not support

  • Provision of heroin to users

Drug ARM supports

  • Legislative framework for regulating alcohol advertising and promotion
  • Restricting alcohol advertising and promotion
  • Restricting sponsorship of events by alcohol companies
  • Research on impact and effect of alcohol marketing on young people

Drug ARM supports the introduction of minimum unit pricing.

Drug ARM supports needle and syringe supply programs as a viable public health and treatment intervention.

Drug ARM supports the methadone program with maintenance and reduction options for clients and a point of closure to reduce long term exposure to methadone harms.

Drug ARM supports trials of pill testing in Australia.

Drug ARM supports the following in prison settings:

  • Naltrexone treatment
  • Opiate pharmacotherapy
  • Condoms to reduce spread of blood borne viruses




Drug ARM supports the work of the following advocacy and peak bodies.

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