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Matters of Substance

about the publication


Matters of Substance was developed as a tool to be used by young adolescents and their teachers to help navigate the very real issues facing them during their teenage years.

Specifically, it provides information relating to young people’s exposure to and experience of alcohol and other drugs. The publication is for use by students and those presenting alcohol and other drug education in schools. This includes teachers, counsellors, health nurses, other staff and parents.

Matters of Substance provides an accurate and trustworthy information source from Drug ARM’s Library and Information Centre and is designed to be used within the classroom and home environment as a guide for discussions involving drugs, alcohol and other issues relating to youth.

Matters of Substance includes easily relatable information not only on alcohol and other drugs, but also tips on:

  • mental health and wellbeing
  • body image
  • cyber bullying
  • communication
  • developing resilience.

Included in the publication are a list of resources, counselling services and contacts for both children and educators who need further support or information.

The current Matters of Substance publication is 66 pages + cover.


how to order

Past issues of the Matters of Substance publication are available for order from Drug ARM’s Library and Information Centre.

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