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Building Resilient Youth

We provide a broad range of services focused on building stronger, more capable and resilient children and young people. Our teams assist families and communities, addressing multiple and/or complex needs to help them safely care for and protect their children.

Young people use alcohol and other drugs for a variety of reasons. This can be experimental, recreational, situational, intensive (or bingeing), dependent or therapeutic use. Mostly, people do not use a substance to feel worse.

It is important to remember that the majority of young people who use substances do not become dependent, but for those who do become dependent their use can greatly impact on their lifestyle. Dependency can be indicative of other issues the individual is facing and trying to cope with. By choosing substances as a coping mechanism, it can also create other longer term issues.

Dependency is not a moral failing, it is a health issue that needs the appropriate care and support for recovery.

Having a conversation with your young person can be daunting.

The best thing you can do prior to having this conversation is to get the facts. That’s where Drug ARM’s Library and Information Centre can be a big help. Alcohol and other drug use is a choice, and it can be helpful to speak about it as one of many choices that a young person has to make in their life.

If you are concerned that they are already using alcohol or other drugs, try to use non-blaming language in your conversation with them, and communicate that you are concerned about behaviour. It is important to separate the behaviour from the person during these conversations. If you need support with this, Drug ARM has a range of support services for families impacted by their loved one’s alcohol or other drug use.

Youth Library

Drug ARM Library is a specialist library that provides information on alcohol and other drugs and mental health.


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