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Drug ARM can support your organisation with in-house face to face and online alcohol and other drug training for your team. We have extensive experience partnering with businesses, government, non-government, community and sports clubs to develop and deliver engaging workplace training in person or online. All our training is delivered by expert facilitators with experience supporting people with alcohol and other drug concerns.

A typical session may be a:

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Employee and Manager Workshops

Our Employee and Manager Workshops are suitable for employees and managers looking to build a safe workplace.

Drug ARM offers evidence-informed training and workshops for businesses looking to support their employees and leaders to better manage alcohol and other drugs in the workplace.

Fostering a workplace environment that prioritises awareness and support around alcohol and other drug issues is crucial for employee wellbeing, safety and productivity. The risks associated with alcohol and other drugs can have a significant impact on workplace performance and safety. By acknowledging this, employers can be proactive in establishing an environment free from the adverse effects of alcohol and other drugs.

Employers have a legal responsibility for providing a safe workplace. Beyond mere compliance, integrating comprehensive alcohol and other drug training and policies is an investment that benefits individuals and the business as a whole.

Our evidence-informed workplace workshops and presentations can help you create a safe work environment, putting your employees at the core of your business strategy.

Our range of employee and management workshops are developed to:

  • Increase awareness of alcohol and other drug effects, harms and trends
  • Identify signs of substance use
  • Build understanding of the underlying causes
  • Reduce stigma and encourage help seeking by explaining the ‘Stages of Change’
  • Improve engagement with co-workers who may have a problem, or be supporting a loved one with a substance use issue
  • Provide tools and strategies to manage mental health and substance use
  • Help shape safe and appropriate workplace responses

Professional Workshops

Our Professional Workshops are suitable for people employed to support people using substances such as correctional officers, police officers, GPs, allied health workers, social workers, community support workers and more.

“A huge thank you to you for your support in delivering a very educated session on Drugs & Alcohol at our PSO training day last week.  We received very positive feedback from our PSOs, and they commented on your professionalism, extensive experience and knowledge.” Queensland Corrective Services

“Firstly, thank you for the welcome you gave to both myself and the other attendees to your office yesterday, it was much appreciated by all. Your presentation was excellent, loved the ‘slido’ enabling everyone to physically participate and seeing all the responses appear on screen for discussion and inclusion. Again, very well done yesterday and we look forward to your next presentation.” Queensland Corrective Services

Drug ARM offers evidence-informed training and workshops for government and non-government organisations looking to expand the skills and knowledge of their teams in alcohol and other drugs.

Our range of professional workshops are developed to:

  • Increase awareness to identify alcohol and other drug concerns
  • Build understanding of the underlying causes
  • Effectively de-escalate uncooperative behaviour
  • Support contribution to harm reduction efforts
  • Understand the Stages of Change model
  • Reduce stigma and encourage help seeking
  • Manage burnout, empathy fatigue or work-related stress
  • Set healthy boundaries and finding work-life balance
  • Provide tools and strategies to manage substances

Program Development

We know that each workplace is different and will have their own unique learning needs. Drug ARM can support you to identify the training gaps in your organisation and which solutions can best meet your organisational goals. Some of the clients we have worked with to develop in house training include Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads, Queensland Corrective Services, Queensland Police Service, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Service, Interact Australia and Prison Chaplaincy.

“Thanks so much for yesterday. It was a really great few hours! The content and delivery were both fantastic.” Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads

We have developed modules which provide discussions and interactive learnings around:

  • alcohol and other drugs effects, harms, trends and underlying causes
  • signs of substance use
  • how to approach a person who may have a problem
  • accidental counsellor – how to engage with people affected by substance use or a mental health issue
  • identifying and responding to a substance use overdose
  • overview of the “stages of change” model
  • how to de-escalate uncooperative, substance-affected behaviour
  • setting healthy boundaries
  • useful resources and support

Drug ARM can also partner with you to develop workplace policies and support strategies around mental health and substance use.


At Drug ARM, we pride ourselves on an interactive learning environment with quality trainers who are also managers, counsellors, community workers and specialists. This means we are able to align our delivery method with your needs and the outcomes you are seeking.

Our accredited facilitators and trainers have extensive experience in a variety of industry sectors including mental health, community services, alcohol and other drugs, education and business.

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