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Drug ARM can support your school community with our evidence informed alcohol and other drug awareness school program – Eyes and Arms Wide Open. Our program was developed in conjunction with schools and families, with an aim to prevent or delay the uptake of substances, and support parents and teachers as key influences in their young people’s lives.

We have extensive experience partnering with schools to prevent and address substance use within the school community. All our training is delivered in person or online by our fun and lively facilitators.

Eyes and Arms Wide Open

Our school program, Eyes and Arms Wide Open, was developed in collaboration with a family and school on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Following the tragic loss of her son to substances, mother Julie-Ann Pook wanted to  through

Watch Julie-Ann’s story and explanation of the aims of Eyes and Arms Wide Open below.

The Eyes and Arms Wide Open school education and awareness program was developed in partnership with a Queensland high school in response to a drug-related family tragedy. To learn more, you can listen to Julie-Ann explain in her own words why she decided to work with Drug ARM and the school as a way to give back to the community and other parents.

Julie-Ann's Story

Student Workshop

Our student workshops encourage young people to make informed and healthy decisions around alcohol and other drugs, taking a harm minimisation approach.

The workshops have been developed for middle-year high school students (Year 8s and 9s) though can be tailored for higher year levels. The workshops aim to delay or prevent the uptake of alcohol and other drugs by promoting refusal strategies and developing coping skills. This program is best accompanied by the research-backed Our Futures program (link click to our future below).

In the 1.5 hours student workshops we discuss:

  • what is a drug
  • impacts of drug use
  • refusal strategies
  • how to respond if you encounter drugs
  • drug trends – what are current concerns
  • reliable sources of information.

We bring along our Beer Goggles and other fun and interactive activities to make the session informative and enjoyable for participants. Watch our video to learn more about our student workshops.


Parent Workshops

Our parent workshops encourage parents and guardians to get informed about the choices confronting their teenagers. We help parents understand current drug trends, what their teenagers should know to ensure they make healthy choices and how their teenagers can safely refuse a drink or drug. The session also includes a viewing of Julie-Ann’s story, sharing why she decided to fund the development of Eyes and Arms Wide Open to give back to the community and other parents.

In the 1.5 hours workshops we discuss:

  • your role as parent and influencer
  • what are the drug trends, effects and harms
  • how to have a conversation with your teenager around alcohol and other drugs
  • advice around what age is safe to start drinking and if you should buy your teenager alcohol
  • what support is available.

Watch our video to learn more about our parent workshops.

Teacher Workshops

Our teacher workshops empower teachers to talk to students about alcohol and other drug concerns, giving them confidence to initiate those difficult conversations. We provide advice around evidence-based interventions, including what to say and what not to say through case studies and scenarios. With our knowledge of what’s trending in use, we also can advise teachers on what to look for and provide them with the facts around it. Our 1 hour workshop was developed to fit within existing time reserved for staff meetings.

In the 1 hour workshop we discuss:

  • how to talk about alcohol and other drugs with students
  • what to do versus what not to do
  • how substances effect the body, brain and emotions
  • what to know about vaping and other drug trends
  • rate the harms
  • what support is available.

Watch our video to find out more about our teacher workshops.

Our Futures

Drug ARM recommends that our Eyes and Arms Wide Open awareness program is accompanied by the implementation of the clinically-proven Our Futures online student modules. Our team are familiar with the content of the program, and can support your school in timing the delivery of Our Futures alongside an Eyes and Arms Wide Open program.

Other Family Programs

In some locations Drug ARM delivers free information sessions for families who are concerned about a loved one’s substance use. Learn more.

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Book a school workshop now or reach out to our Clinical and Service Development Manager Richard Norman to discuss how Drug ARM can support your school community.

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