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Family Services

Compassionate services focused on supporting the loved ones of people using alcohol and other drugs.

Supporting Families

We provide compassionate services focused on supporting the loved ones of those who are experiencing issues with alcohol and other drugs. Our teams are flexible and offer both individual and group support in-home, in-office, in public and community spaces as well as telephone and online services.

People use alcohol and other drugs for a variety of reasons including experimental, recreational, situations, intensive (or bingeing), dependent or therapeutic use. Mostly, people do not use a substance to feel worse.

It is important to remember that the majority of people who use substances do not become dependent, but for those who do become dependent their use can greatly impact on their finances, employment, relationships, physical and mental health. Dependency can be indicative of other issues the individual is facing and trying to cope with. By choosing substances as a coping mechanism, it can also create other longer term issues.

Dependency is not a moral failing, it is a health issue that needs the appropriate care and support for recovery.

Relapse does not mean that the user has ‘failed’.

Making a change to reduce or stop using alcohol and other drug issues can be a challenge. As with many things in life there may be set backs.

Relapse is common in recovery from alcohol and other drug issues as well as other chronic health issues that require behavioural change, such as diabetes.

It can occur as a result of many factors, including by not limited to triggers, being disconnected from supportive systems, mental health issues, physical pain, unemployment and grief.

Learning to manage triggers, and seeking help from support services helps to reduce the risk of relapse.

You do not have to use alcohol or other drugs, to be significantly impacted by them. Many significant others of alcohol and other drug users need opportunities to talk and listen to others in the same position, have a conversation with a counsellor in a judgment free environment, and learn about healthy boundaries, communication, self-care and conflict resolution.

upcoming SESSIONS

Discover Drug ARM’s Breakthrough for Families information sessions, providing valuable insights on alcohol and other drugs.

Join our specialist-led session to gain crucial knowledge, support, and guidance for families facing these challenges. Learn practical strategies to navigate the complexities of alcohol and other drug use in the family, communication techniques, and effective coping mechanisms. Our informative session offers evidence-based information, empowering families to make informed decisions and foster healthier relationships.

Don’t miss this opportunity to access valuable resources and connect with a supportive community. Attend one of Drug ARM’s Breakthrough for Families weekly online information sessions, or attend an in-person session, and embark on a journey towards understanding, growth, and lasting change.

Breakthrough for Families Information Session
Every Wednesday, 2pm to 3.30pm
Via Microsoft Teams
Link to join the information session:


Connect significant others to support workers and other social services ensuring there is ongoing support for the individual and their families.


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